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Soccer is the only betting sport offering true global appeal. There are professional leagues all around the world. This offers an almost endless betting opportunity for diehard soccer fans.

US soccer fans can turn to the list below to find the best soccer betting sites. Each of these US sportsbooks have earned their way into this elite group. They each offer unique attributes to enhance the entire online sports betting experience.

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Interest in betting on soccer in the US continues to grow. The MLS may be the home-grown professional league in the country. However, wagering on international leagues at the best soccer betting sites is also driving this growth.


Soccer bet365 | Bet365 Soccer

This UK-based sportsbook is very popular with soccer fans in the US given the site’s international flare. While bet365 does have limited availability in this country, the mobile betting app continues to slowly expand its footprint with additional markets.

One of the biggest benefits to betting soccer at bet365 is access to any number of leagues in the UK and across Europe. As one of this site’s biggest betting sports, US soccer fans have the ability to expand their overall betting strategy.


Pointsbet DraftKings | Pointsbet Soccer

This Australian-based sportsbook operator has taken a completely different approach to legal sports betting in the US market. Known as PointsBetting, the actual payout on a wager is determined by the final score.

The bigger the win, the bigger the payout. PointsBet also offers parlay boosters, custom prop bet options and multiple betting markets. The mobile app has been rated to be up to 2x faster than the competition. This all adds up to an excellent soccer betting experience.


Soccer DraftKings

This highly popular US-based sportsbook got its start as a DFS site. DraftKings is routinely the most downloaded mobile sports betting app on a monthly basis. Driven by innovation, the Boston-based company is always looking for ways to expand its betting board.

Soccer is a featured sport at DraftKings on an international level. This includes money line wagers on the matches as well as live in-game betting options. The sport of soccer is set up for live betting and DraftKings makes the most of the opportunity.


Caesars Sportsbook Soccer | Soccer Caesars Sportsbook

This is another casino gaming and entertainment giant making a strong push into the legal US sports betting marketplace. The acquisition of William Hill was a major step forward in the company’s expansion plan.

The experience and expertise of that famous UK sportsbook has been incorporated into the new Caesars Sportsbook betting app. Given the origins involved, this has resulted in a US book with a strong international heritage. This only enhances the experience of betting on soccer.


Soccer FanDuel

With Flutter Entertainment as the parent company, FanDuel is another US operator with strong UK roots. This betting site first rose to prominence as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) site. The past few years, FanDuel has quickly grown to become the No. 1 sportsbook in the marketplace.

The betting site and mobile app are an excellent way to bet on soccer as a featured sport. Expanded league coverage and expanded betting markets make this one of the best soccer betting sites. FanDuel’s overall level of technical expertise is another big plus for avid bettors.


Soccer BetMGM | BetMGM Soccer

This online sportsbook and betting app is a product of a 50/50 partnership between MGM Resorts International and Entain. The latter company is a large UK-based sportsbook operator representing brands such as Ladbrokes, Coral and bwin.

The flare of BetMGM is all Las Vegas while the technology behind this popular betting app is UK-based. This lends itself well for betting a sport such as soccer. Another big plus with BetMGM is availability as the third-biggest legal operator in the US market.



ESPN BET has launched in a bunch of states thanks to a partnership between PENN Entertainment and ESPN.

Needless to say, ESPN BET is one of the best soccer betting sites, rich with promos, boosts, competitive odds, tons of markets, and much more.

Oh, and there is an ESPN BET promo code to use at signup.

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Bettors must be at least 21 years old to bet on soccer in most states offering legal sportsbooks. They must also be physically present in that state to place an actual real money wager.

Once those two requirements are met, it is a rather simple process to bet on soccer online.

  1. New betting customers can register online for a betting account. This process normally requires a valid email address with a username and password.
  2. Once registered, further information is required to validate both identity and eligibility for an online sports betting account.
  3. Once identity and eligibility are set, bettors are able to make an initial deposit into their new online sports betting account. Promo codes tied to welcome offers are applied at this time.
  4. With funds in a new online betting account, real money wagers on soccer can now be placed. Available leagues and betting markets are displayed through a sportsbook’s specific listing for betting soccer online.


As a global sport, soccer has one of the most extensive listings of betting leagues in the sports betting industry. These leagues compete all around the world to create almost year round betting action on this sport.

Betting soccer online is the only practical way to take full advantage of everything offered by the best soccer betting sites.


Every legal US sportsbook is licensed and regulated in states where they operate. Each state sets the rules and regulations for betting within its borders. Each state also appoints a gaming commission as the governing body in charge of regulating licensed operators.

While this system makes the US sports betting industry a bit more complicated, it also ensures fair and safe betting practices across the board. This, in turn, protects a bettor’s interests in all of their online sports wagering activity.


The legalization process in the US market has created a safe and fair playing field for US bettors. Even though individual states control the regulation process within their borders, this has created certain industry standards.

These standards ensure safe play at any licensed sportsbook in any legal market. The best soccer betting sites rise to the top of the list as far as safely betting on this sport. US sportsbooks actually self-police themselves to adhere to each state’s rules and regulations where they operate.


Betting on a soccer match after it has gotten underway has been popular in regulated international markets for years. The nature of this sport lends itself to live betting options. The legal US market has followed suit with the tremendous growth of live betting on soccer.

Tied into the concept of prop bets, live betting on which team scores the next goal is a very popular option. Betting odds are constantly adjusted as the match wears. This creates multiple ways to take advantage of the ongoing action on the soccer field.


All the best betting sites for soccer will have special offers that can boost a betting bankroll. Welcome offers for new bettors top the list. Matching bonuses on an initial deposit is a very popular promotional offer.

Some online books will give new customers a bet bonus to a set amount. This applies to the first wager made from a new online account. Soccer fans may be able to find special offers tied to wagers placed on this specific sport.


One aspect of this sport that offers wide scale appeal is the sheer number of different soccer leagues. As the most recognized betting sport in the world, the action never stops on a global scale.


Major League Soccer is the biggest professional soccer league in the US and Canada. The league is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation as the highest governing body for the sport.

Covering two divisions, MLS has 14 teams in the East and 13 teams in the West. Three of those teams are based in Canada. Recent league champions include Columbus Crew SC, Seattle Founders FC and Atlanta United FC.


This is the highest level of soccer in England. The Premier League is also one of the most heavily bet soccer leagues in the world. There are 20 soccer clubs representing various geographies throughout the UK.

Over the years, the formation of intense rivalries have fueled betting interest in betting the Premier League. The overall competitive nature of these various clubs is the main appeal. Manchester United is one of the most recognized Premier League clubs with 13 league titles.


In Spain, this soccer league is better known as Primera Division (Spanish Premier League). La Liga is the top division for professional soccer in that country. Spain is one of the most passionate countries when it comes to its soccer fans. This lends itself well for betting on the sport.

La Liga is made up of twenty soccer clubs across the country. One of the most popular betting teams is Real Madrid. Since La Liga first started play in 1929, Real Madrid has won the league title 34 times.


Germany is another European country with a strong soccer following among fans and bettors alike. Offering the highest professional level of soccer in the country, the Bundesliga is the top betting league.

There are a total of 18 soccer clubs in this league and it has been operating since 1963. The Bundesliga does not have the extensive history that some other UK and European leagues offer. However, the competition for a national title is just as fierce.


The highest level of professional soccer in Italy is Serie A. The league is made up of 20 clubs from various areas of the country. Each season, the top three clubs from Serie B get to move up in the ranks to compete in Italy’s premier soccer league.

The most recent season represents the league’s 120th year in operation. Like most European countries, the sport of soccer is steeped in the deep tradition of its devoted fan base. A soccer match is more of a life experience than just a game.



Betting on soccer is legal at licensed retail and online sportsbooks. Legality is determined on a state-by-state level. Some states only offer legal betting at retail sportsbooks located in casinos, race tracks and other gaming venues.

Other states offer legal betting through both retail and online sportsbook sites with mobile betting apps. Tennessee and Virginia are two states that only offer legal sports betting online.


The most common way to bet on a soccer match is through money line odds. Bettors can wager on the favorite at a higher price and the underdog at a higher return. Betting lines are also offered for a draw or tie.

Another popular betting line in soccer is the total line. Wagers are placed on the over or under on the match’s combined total score.


The most popular way to bet on soccer is wagering on the outright winner. However, double chance bets could be the best way to wager on a match. This refers to the ability to win two different ways.

Soccer bettors can wager on two of three possible outcomes. For example, they can bet the home team and bet on a draw. This gives them two different chances to cash a winning play.

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