MLB Parlay Picks for November 15, 2023

The MLB Parlay Picks have concluded for the 2023 season and will return for the 2024 season next April. Be sure to check back then as our talented content and handicapping team at VegasInsider will have their favorite MLB Parlay Picks available on a daily basis for you to bet and win!

Don't forget to use our Parlay Calculator to see exactly what your parlay payout will be. Also, feel free to visit our Free Picks page for more tips and predictions for the rest of this week's MLB action.

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What is an MLB Parlay?

A parlay bet is a single bet where you combine multiple bets to form a bigger bet where you have to hit all of the included bets to win, but the potential payout is much greater than on a single bet, and you can risk smaller amounts as well.

Like NHL spread lines, MLB run lines are typically just a +/- 1.5 number that stays at 1.5, while the odds of the run line may change. Not having a point spread differs from sports like the NFL or NBA.

There are many opportunities to make MLB parlays as well, as there are typically many games on any given day and this is a great way to boost the potential payout of your parlay.

The most commonly bet markets for MLB parlays are run lines and money line plays, and both can be used to help get more favorable odds in your parlays.

How Do I Bet On MLB Parlays?

It's a pretty simple process to bet on an MLB parlay bet. All you need to do is load your selections into the bet-slip of whichever online sportsbook that you have chosen to place your bets on, provided that it is legal in your state.

Another great strategy to use for betting MLB parlays is odds shopping!

Odds Shopping Techniques

Odds shopping is when you take a look at multiple betting locations to see what betting site offers the best odds for your potential payout on your MLB parlay.

For example, take an MLB parlay where you bet 3 favorites on the money line at -150 odds each at one sportsbook. If you wager $100 on this parlay bet, your payout is $362, per our VegasInsider Parlay Calculator. If you find the same games on a different online sportsbook but at a -140 number, your payout on a $100 parlay bet would be $404, over a $40 increase.

Are you looking for the best online sportsbooks to take your MLB parlay wagers at? Have no fear, because we have a ton of amazing offers on our sportsbooks page for you to check out.

What Kind of MLB Parlay Bets Are There?

In this section, we'll break down the different types of MLB parlay bets that you can make, because there are quite a few! All of these options have their quirks that make them worth placing wagers on.

2+ Team Parlays

2+ team MLB parlays have already been briefly covered in the above content, and are the most common form of parlay betting. To make one of these, just put two or more teams into the bet slip of your online sportsbooks and click the parlay option, and the book will automatically multiply the odds of the plays that you've entered.

If you're looking for the best daily picks to put in your MLB parlays, check out both our Free Picks and Consensus Picks pages for picks that will be updated every day!

Same-Game Parlays

MLB Same-Game Parlays are very similar to regular MLB parlays. The main difference is that unlike regular parlays being a multi-team bet, as you may surmise, same-game parlays involve multiple bets from the same game inside one parlay.

The main positive of an MLB same-game parlay is that by combining multiple bets you can shoot for a bigger win on the game you’re watching or the team you root for, as with all parlays, the odds of your MLB same-game parlay increase with each bet you add.

The cool thing about these SGPs, as they are usually stylized, is that you can be very creative in shaping the parlay to the way you think the game will go.

Like any parlay, the more bets that you add to the same-game parlay, the more difficult the overall MLB parlay is to hit, but your odds will also start to exponentially increase as well, so if you believe you have a firm handle on what may happen, you can swing for the fences! The most recommended size of a same-game MLB parlay is 3-4 picks, which can usually boost the odds to a comfortable point.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is one of the most important techniques you can learn as a sportsbettor. It's very important to never bet more than you can afford to lose, and knowing the typical amount per bet that you should make is key.

A good betting limit would be 1% of your net worth. Take what you have and set limits that you can manage. Do not chase bets or bet beyond your means.

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