2024 NCAA Tournament March Madness Picks

The 2024 NCAA Men's Tournament will begin on March 19, 2024 and conclude on April 8, 2024. The site for the 2024 NCAA Tournament Final Four and Championship will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona.

Check back in March as we'll be populating our NCAA Tourney Picks for the 2024 event and be sure to stay on top of the Odds, Markets and much more College Basketball Betting Resources below!

2024 NCAA Men's Tournament Opening Odds

Listed below are the opening odds for the 2023-24 NCAA Men's Tournament winner, which were available prior to the start of the 2023-24 regular season that began on Monday November 6, 2023.

NCAA Top 10 Contenders

  • Duke +1100
  • Kansas +1200
  • Purdue +1400
  • Kentucky +1400
  • Connecticut +1400
  • Michigan State +1500
  • Arizona +1500
  • Tennessee +1600
  • Houston +1600
  • Marquette +1600
  • More...



The 2023 NCAA College Basketball Championship is scheduled to take place on Monday, Apr. 8, 2023 from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and the Final Four semifinal matchups will occur before on Saturday Apr. 6, 2023 with CBS providing national coverage on all three games.

Selection Sunday

Mar. 17, 2024 (6:00 p.m. ET)

First Four

Tuesday, Mar. 19 & Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2023
UD Arena from Dayton, Ohio

First & Second Rounds

Thursday, Mar. 21 & Friday, Mar. 23, 2023
Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska
PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

Friday, Mar. 22 & Sunday, Mar. 24, 2023
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York
Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee
Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane, Washington

Sweet 16 & Elite Eight

Thursday, Mar. 28 & Saturday, Mar. 30, 2023
East Regional
TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
West Regional
Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, California

Friday, Mar. 29 & Sunday, Mar. 31, 2023
South Regional
American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Midwest Regional
Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan

Final Four & National Championship

Sat Apr. 6 & Mon Apr. 8, 2023
State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

2023 NCAA Tournament Betting Results

The UConn Huskies were listed as high as a 25/1 betting choice to win the NCAA Tournament. (Getty)
  • Straight Up (SU)
  • Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Over-Under (OU)

Favorites-Underdogs (SU): 44-23
Favorites-Underdogs (ATS): 33-33-1
Over-Under: 27-40


Monday, Apr. 3

UConn (-7.5) 76, San Diego State 59 (Fav, Over 131)

Final 4

Saturday, Apr. 1

San Diego State (-2.5) 72, FAU 71 (Dog, Over 130.5)
UConn (-5.5) 72, Miami, Fl. 59 (Fav, Under 148.5)

Elite 8

Saturday, Mar. 25

FAU (+1.5, ML +105) 79, Kansas State 76 (Dog, Over 144)
UConn (-2.5) 82, Gonzaga 54 (Fav, Under 154)

Sunday, Mar. 26

Miami, Fl. (+3.5, ML +150) 88, Texas 81 (Dog, Over 147.5)
San Diego State (+2.5, ML +125) 57 Creighton 56 (Dog, Under 134.5)

Sweet 16

Thursday, Mar. 23

UConn (-3.5) 88, Arkansas 65 (Fav, Over 140)
Kansas State (-1) 98, Michigan State 93 - OT (Fav, Over 138.5)
FAU (+4.5, ML +190) 62, Tennessee 55 (Dog, Under 129.5)
Gonzaga (+1.5, ML -110) 79, UCLA 76 (Dog, Over 145.5)

Friday, Mar. 24

San Diego State (+6.5, ML +240) 71, Alabama 64 (Dog, Under 137)
Miami, Fl. (+7.5, ML +290) 89, Houston 75 (Dog, Over 139.5)
Creighton (-10) 86, Princeton 75 (Fav, Over 141.5)
Texas (-4.5) 83, Xavier 71 (Fav, Over 148.5)

Second Round

Saturday, Mar. 18

San Diego State (-4.5) 75, Furman 52 (Fav, Under 135)
Tennessee (+3.5, ML +140) 65, Duke 52 (Dog, Under 126.5)
Arkansas (+4, ML +150) 72, Kansas 71 (Dog, Under 144)
Houston (-5.5) 81, Auburn 64 (Fav, Over 132.5)
Texas (-5) 71, Penn State 66 (Push, Under 138)
Princeton (+6.5, ML +200) 78, Missouri 63 (Dog, Under 145.5)
UCLA (-7.5) 68, Northwestern 63 (Dog, Over 126.5)
Alabama (-8.5) 73 Maryland 51 (Fav, Under 142.5)

Sunday, Mar. 19

Xavier (-5) 84, Pittsburgh 73 (Fav, Over 147)
Kansas State (+3, ML +130) 75, Kentucky 69 (Dog, Over 142)
Michigan State (+3.5, ML +140) 69, Marquette 60 (Dog, Under 139.5)
UConn (-4) 70, Saint Mary's 55 (Fav, Under 126)
Creighton (-2) 85, Baylor 76 (Fav, Over 143.5)
FAU (-15.5) 78, FDU 70 (Dog, Over 145.5)
Miami, Fl. (+1.5, ML +105) 85, Indiana 69 (Dog, Over 145)
Gonzaga (-4.5) 84, TCU 81 (Dog, Over 152.5)

First Round

Thursday, Mar. 16

Furman (+5.5, ML +200) 68, Virginia 67 (Dog, Over 130.5)
Maryland (+2.5, ML +115) 67, WVU 65 (Dog, Under 136.5)
Duke (-6) 74, Oral Roberts 51 (Fav, Under 147)
Tennessee (-12.5) 58, Louisiana 55 (Dog, Under 138.5)
Missouri (+1.5, ML +105) 76, Utah State 65 (Dog, Under 155.5)
Alabama (-24.5) 96, Texas A&M CC 75 (Dog, Over 154.5)
S.D. State (-5.5) 63, Charleston 57 (Fav, Under 141.5)
Princeton (+15, ML +900) 59, Arizona 55 (Dog, Under 154)
Auburn (-2) 83, Iowa 75 (Fav, Over 151.5)
Texas (-12.5) 81, Colgate 61 (Fav, Under 148.5)
Houston (-19.5) 63, No. Kentucky 52 (Dog, Under 121.5)
Penn State (+2.5, ML +110) 76, Texas A&M 59 (Dog, Under 135.5)
Kansas (-22) 96, Howard 68 (Fav, Over 146.5)
Arkansas (-2.5) 73, Illinois 63 (Fav, Under 143)
Northwestern (-2) 75, Boise State 67 (Fav, Over 127.5)
UCLA (-17.5) 86, UNC-Asheville 53 (Fav, Over 136.5)

Friday, Mar. 17

Michigan State (-2.5) 72, USC 62 (Fav, Under 136.5)
Marquette (-10.5) 78, Vermont 61 (Fav, Under 141.5)
FDU (+23, ML +2000) 63, Purdue 58 (Dog, Under 146)
Kentucky (-4.5) 61, Providence 53 (Fav, Under 142)
FAU (+1.5, ML -106) 66, Memphis 65 (Dog, Under 152.5)
Kansas State (-7.5) 77, Montana State 65 (Fav, Over 139.5)
Baylor (-10.5) 74, UCSB 56 (Fav, Under 141)
Creighton (-5.5) 72, N.C. State 63 (Fav, Under 148)
Xavier (-12) 72, Kennesaw State 67 (Dog, Under 152)
Pittsburgh (+4, ML +165) 59, Iowa State 41 (Dog, Under 131.5)
Miami, Fl. (-2.5) 63, Drake 56 (Fav, Under 146)
Indiana (-3.5) 71, Kent State 60 (Fav, Under 138.5)
Saint Mary's (-4.5) 63, VCU 51 (Fav, Under 123.5)
UConn (-9.5) 87, Iona 63 (Fav, Over 141)
Gonzaga (-15.5) 82, Grand Canyon 70 (Dog, Under 153.5)
TCU (-4.5) 72, Arizona State 70 (Dog, Under 142.5)

First Four

Texas A&M CC (-3.5) 75 SE Missouri State 71 (Fav, Under 157.5)
Pittsburgh (+2.5, ML +115) 60 Miss State 59 (Dog, Under 133.5)
Fairleigh Dickinson (+2.5, ML +115) 84 Texas Southern 61 (Dog, Under 148.5)
Arizona State (-2.5) 98 Nevada 73 (Fav, Over 135.5)


NCAA Tournament Region Odds

Recap the 2023 NCAA Tournament Region Odds below and be sure to check back in 2024 as our NCAA Tournament Region Odds will be updated for each of the four regions.

NCAA Tournament History

The College Basketball History on VegasInsider provides bettors with a breakdown of the winners going back to 1985 and the betting results for the 36 title games as well.


2023 - UConn

Head Coach Dan Hurley and the Connecticut Huskies won the 2023 NCAA Tournament in dominant fashion, winning and covering all six of their games by double digits.

2022 - Kansas

Kansas secured the NCAA Tournament Championship for 2022 with a narrow victory over North Carolina.

2021 - Baylor

Baylor dominated Gonzaga in the 2021 championship with a wire-to-wire 86-70 victory.

2020 - No Winner

The 2020 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. The Kansas Jayhawks were listed as the top contenders (+450) to win the event, followed by Gonzaga and Baylor at 8/1 odds.

2019 - Virginia

The Cavaliers of Virginia claimed their first-ever national championship on the hardwood in an overtime win against Texas Tech, 85-77.

2018 - Villanova

The Wildcats rolled to a 79-62 victory over Michigan, giving the Big East school its third NCAA Tournament Championship.

NCAA Final Four History

The Final Four breakdown provides all the schools that advance to the NCAA Tournament semifinals each year, along with more betting resources on the last round of the event.

Final Four Participants - Last Five Years


(5) San Diego State, (9) FAU
(4) UConn, (5) Miami, Fl.

(2) Duke, (8) North Carolina
(2) Villanova, (1) Kansas

(1) Gonzaga, (1) Baylor
(2) Houston, (11) UCLA


(1) Virginia
, (2) Michigan State
(3) Texas Tech, (5) Auburn

(1) Villanova
, (1) Kansas
(3) Michigan, (11) Loyola-Chicago


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  • Point Spread: Like money-line, here you choose a team to win or lose outright. However, the difference lies in guessing how much they win/lose by. This number is a specific points total set by the sportsbooks. Our advice? Check out the team’s average points per game over the season.
  • Totals: Also called over/under, this bet determines whether the final score will – combined – will be over or under what the sportsbook thinks.
  • Props: Oftentimes these are in-play bets. They can relate to brackets and player stats, or even fun things like a halftime show or what the mascot will do.
  • Futures: Feeling the itch to bet already? Futures can be placed weeks or sometimes months ahead of the game. For example, maybe you think Ole Miss will bring it home this year. Place a bet now ahead of Selection Sunday to get in on the ground floor. Just pay attention as the odds can change, and your choice can even be knocked out!
  • Parlays: Called accumulator bets in the UK, parlays are a series of bets. March Madness is the perfect time for parlays, where you can lay down a small bet of say $10 across five games. Win all five and you could be looking at a hefty return.


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Across the US, the top NCAA College Basketball teams are called “Blue Bloods". Usually, they can be a safe bet during March Madness. That said, Blue Bloods don’t always win, so watch out! However, they usually stay in the tournament until the final rounds.


VegasInsider is offering great opportunities to see a variety of NCAA Tournament predictions from all of our college basketball experts.


Below, our team at VegasInsider has collected some common questions about the 2023 NCAA Men's Tournament.


Until Selection Sunday, the final 68 teams are still up in the air. Make sure to tune in March 12th, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. ET to find out!


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Next to the rotations are the Teams that are playing, followed by the Betting Odds. The College Basketball Scores uses a consensus line that is created by multiple Las Vegas and Global sportsbooks. The Betting Odds display which team is the favorite in the matchup and that can be determined with a minus (-) sign followed by a number.

The March Madness scoreboard is updated as the games tip and you'll be able to track all your winning wagers for the 67 upcoming NCAA Tournament games.


If you love action and want plenty of it, then College Basketball is the sport for you and the College Basketball Matchups page should be your starting point for placing educated and informed wagers. With over 350 College Basketball teams, bookmakers have their hands full on a daily basis.

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