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Baseball offers some of the best betting value on the board given the complexity of the games. That value goes up quite a bit when betting baseball at the best MLB betting sites.

As listed in the chart below, these legal US sportsbook operators have gone out of their way to enhance MLB betting and have some of the best baseball betting bonuses and online betting odds. This goes for both veteran sports bettors as well as baseball fans that may be new to the game.



The legal US sports betting operators covered below have proven to be quality betting sites for any number of different leagues. However, they all stand above the rest as the best baseball betting sites.


 BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM combines the excitement of a Las Vegas sportsbook with a sharp online mobile betting app. With MGM Resorts as the parent company, it is easy to see why this has become the King of Sportsbooks.

Betting MLB games at BetMGM adds to the excitement on the field. This starts with standard MLB betting lines. With the addition of MLB game props and live in-game wagers, an expanded number of baseball betting markets are available for every matchup on that day’s slate.


Unibet boasts over 20 years of international sportsbook experience and partnerships with athletic leagues across the world. They're also well versed in the greatest American pastime that is baseball. (Don't worry, they're also dipping their toes into offering Nippon Professional Baseball as well).

Unibet is available in a ton of states and countries including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and is expanding into the Canadian market. You're never too far from being able to bet legally and safely on MLB baseball with Unibet.


Caesars Sportsbook

This is another casino gaming and entertainment giant that has put together an excellent MLB betting site. By rebranding William Hill as Caesars Sportsbook, the long-standing tradition of betting on sports carries through.

Caesars is also big on customer loyalty with access to Caesars Rewards. Players can potentially profit betting baseball while also earning valuable points for their online betting activity. There is a strong promotional push behind the new direction Caesars is taking with its mobile betting app.

As such, Caesars has one of the best MLB deposit bonuses among these select baseball betting sites: Get up to $1,000 Back in Bonus Bets if Your First Bet Doesn't Win!


FanDuel Sportsbook

The first daily fantasy sports leagues can be traced back to MLB games. FanDuel’s origins as a top daily fantasy sports (DFS) site carry over to its highly rated mobile sportsbook app. In a relatively short amount of time, this has grown to become the No. 1 legal US sportsbook operator based on market share.

MLB bettors will love the competitive nature of the market leader. There is a wide array of betting options for baseball. FanDuel also offers competitive MLB betting lines to boost the return on a winning wager.


DraftKings Sportsbook

As the second-biggest US operator in terms of market share, DraftKings also has strong ties to baseball through its DFS site. Staying true to its origins, this mobile betting app is always looking to raise the bar for every major betting sport.

MLB is no exception when it comes to DraftKings’ expanded betting board. This could be the best online MLB betting site when it comes to adding diversity to any baseball betting strategy. This includes access to unique MLB team and player props for every game.


PointsBet Sportsbook

This Australian-based sportsbook operator has been shaking up the legal US market since its initial launch. When it comes to betting value, it is hard to top PointBet’s approach to betting odds and lines.

Bettors at PointsBet can win more than the standard industry return. By winning bigger than the posted betting line, the overall return increases as well. Each MLB wager comes with a minimum and maximum return on investment to aid the betting process.

In turn, this makes PointsBet one of the best baseball betting sites and perhaps the best world series betting site.



PENN Entertainment and ESPN have joined forces to create ESPN BET.

With tons of programming on ESPN's family of networks, ESPN BET is one of the best MLB betting sites.

Not only is there an ESPN BET promo code, but there are also odds boosts, promos, deals, etc. to take advantage of, especially on the MLB.

By using code VIBONUS, you can Bet Anything, Get $250 in Bonus Bets!


It has never been easier to legally bet on MLB games online. There are any number of online sportsbook websites or mobile apps to choose from. However, overall availability does depend on where you are physically located within the US market.

If you are in a state offering legal online MLB betting, the following is the four-step process.

  1. Once you find a legal betting site, new players can register online with a valid email, username and password.
  2. The next step involves validating a new customer’s identity and eligibility to participate. The legal age to place real money wagers on MLB games is 21 or older in most states.
  3. Once registered and eligibility has been validated, an online MLB betting account can be activated through an initial deposit. The best baseball betting sites offer any number of easy banking options to make payments into an online betting account.
  4. Promotional offers through specific bonus codes are normally activated with the initial deposit. Once the funds have cleared, valid bonuses are applied and access to betting MLB games is instant.


When you're finally ready to use one of our preferred MLB betting sites, there are quite a few bet types you can choose from. This list is not exhaustive, so make sure to dive in the offerings from the sportsbook of your choice to see the full list of what's available for a given game.


Couldn't be simpler: just pick your favorite to win. Not necessarily the favorite, of course: sharp bettors will know that you can find a lot of value in a high payout underdog, especially given the nature of the MLB. We never encourage anyone to bet solely with their gut, but if you want to safely and legally spend some "fun money" that you don't mind losing to risk a little on your favorite team (we're looking at you, Mariners fans), a straightforward moneyline bet is a fair choice.



This is a point spread bet, but it's called a runline since you score runs in baseball, not points. Typically, the runline has you betting a +/-1.5 point difference between the two teams, and what you're betting on is not for a team to take home a win, but just to cover. For example, if you put a bet on the Mariners at -1.5, they can still lose the game but pay out on your bet if they lose by only one point.


Futures betting is perhaps one of the most fun ways to bet on the MLB, since you can lock in an early bet on an underdog that turns around their reputation throughout the season. There are a ton of futures bets available with the MLB; everything from Season MVP to Home Run Derby Winner and more is available, including those coveted World Series bets.


Betting the OVER/UNDER (aka the "total") on MLB action is a bit more science than art: you're going to want to have a solid idea of the matchup stats between two teams. When you're betting totals, you're betting on the expected number of points scored by both teams and added together. Hence, totals. There's a lot of value in this kind of betting, but variables like weather, injuries, and home/away numbers make this a tricky bet for beginners.


Parlays are not for the faint of heart, as they require you to hit more than one pick in a row. You've also got one-game or single-game parlays, which string together prop bets for a parlay within a single matchup. This kind of bet demands accuracy, so you'd better be sure (or willing to lose) when you put money down on this kind of MLB bet.


Prop bets, also known as proposition bets, ask you to bet on events that don't necessarily affect the outcome of the game. Common MLB prop bets include a lot of player props, which are the MLB proposition bettors' bread and butter:

  • Total bases held
  • Total strikeouts
  • First team to reach 3 runs
  • Over/Under RBI

Prop bets are a great way to risk a bit extra on your betslip in hopes of getting multiple payouts during one game. That's why you'll often find prop bets as live, in-game bets, detailed below:


Back in the ruling days of the sportsbook kiosk or betting counter (or even the illegal bookie), live betting was not possible. Now that you don't have to wait in line to get your money down, you can bet on props as the game happens. You can even live bet certain one-game or single-game parlays for the thrillseekers among us!


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Now that betting on the MLB is legal in a growing number of states, it's a no-brainer that folks would want to bet on the World Series, and yes, our best MLB betting sites that we tout here offer futures bets and live, in-game betting on the Fall Classic!

Imagine if sports betting was no longer federally restricted when the Cubs finally took home the Commissioner's Trophy in 2016? Now that PASPA is lifted and a number of states have legal betting, World Series bets are absolutely on the slip. We've got the latest MLB futures odds to guide you in that journey, should you choose.


There are numerous benefits to betting baseball online with convenience at the top of the list. Traditional MLB lines offer betting opportunities before the games get underway. Live dynamic betting lines ramp up the action during the games.

Today’s advanced online sports betting platforms offer mobile betting capabilities for smartphones and tablets. This creates the ultimate in convenience when betting games on the go.


As more and more states open their borders to legal sports betting, the convenience of betting baseball online expands. Each available market in the US has in-state gaming commissions regulating every aspect of the betting process.

Legal betting at US sportsbook operators protects your interests as well as the integrity of the betting process. Legal sports betting can be equated to a fair playing field for every sports bettor in the US.


The legal US sports betting industry is governed and regulated on a state-by-state basis. This ensures fair and safe play in whichever legal state someone is betting the games. US operators also ensure fair and safe play by adhering to the rules and regulations of each state they operate in.

When betting on baseball, these same legal US sportsbooks will post a complete set of internal rules and regulations. This provides a clear understanding for betting any sport on the board.


One of the best ways to bet on baseball online is after the first pitch of the first inning. Live betting is one of the fastest growing segments of the legal US sports betting industry. Baseball happens to be one of the best sports for live in-game betting.

The best MLB betting sites offer an expanded selection of live betting options for every game on the daily schedule. This consists of adjusted betting lines each new inning and ongoing prop bet options throughout the contest.


Promotional offers are a key marketing tool for online sportsbooks. This starts with a generous welcome bonus for new customers. Some online books offer a matching bonus based on an initial deposit into a betting account.

Other books offer a bonus bet on the initial wager placed by a new customer. Either way, special offers can be an excellent way to boost a MLB betting bankroll. Some special offers are specific to baseball bets.



There are quite a few sportsbook providers that are reliable and safe. We recommend US-based legal providers like BetMGM, Caesars, or FanDuel.


Responsibly! You can also take a look at our guide on How to Bet Baseball. Look for plus-money underdogs and keep an eye on the skies, as weather plays a huge part in a team's performance.


Absolutely! Betting on the World Series has existed since the championship's outset, and with the help of our preferred online sportsbooks, you can bet legally and safely on a ton of MLB action.

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